Английский язык, 7 класс, Афанасьева О. People write about their problems expecting to get some advice. Ask PP to read the table and complete the sentences in their Ex. First PP talk about what their family wear. As you know, Australia today is a country which attracts a lot of visitors. They learn to read, write, sing and dance. If your PP find it difficult to make questions, you can give them some questions.

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Travelling in Russia and Abroad.

Поурочные планы по английскому языку 7 класс .

Ask PP to look at the map of the centre of Nukus. Do not interrupt the debate, make notes. They can use some of the things they designed during previous lessons logo, etc. They can use the list in Unit 3, Lesson 1, Activity 1.

Then say the words and ask PP to repeat them after you in chorus, in rows and individually.

Поурочные планы по английскому языку 7 класс

Children, you must write down this rule in your special copybook for grammar rules. You could do Grammar Exercise 1 here to practise the new comparative form. If your PP are strong, they could play in groups. PP work in pairs. In pairs PP make язску own dialogues.


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How old is this building? They should help the tourists find the right place.

Клосс know, Emma and I belong to our school Hiking Club and we often go on hikes in the north of England.

Yes, we wear a uniform. These tourists come from several countries.

With slower classes, you could ask them to finish this work at home. Поурочные разработки по английскому языку, 10 класс, Дзюина Е. Play the first part of the tape, ask PP about their answers, play the tape once more and stop after each answer on the tape so that any PP who английскоку the answer wrong can hear the correct answer.

Take two pieces of bread Spread………. You could do Grammar Exercises 1 and 2 here. If they do not watch IV programmes ask them what kind of sport events they would like to watch.

Thank you, the lesson is over, see you later, goobye. Let them say what they think. And which are your favourite coins? Revise the vocabulary that PP already know for ways of travelling.


Рекомендуемые курсы ПК и ППК для Вас

Point to one end of the classroom and tell PP the smallest size is there. Всегда буду рад вашим наработкам и предложениям сотрудничества. Организационный момент — Good morning, boys and girls! Повторить карту Великобритании Отрабатывать фонетический материал Вспомнить, как говорить о погоде на английском языке Оборудование: Курсы переподготовки Профпереподготовка Актуальные курсы Полезное для учителей.

Travelling in Russia and Abroad Step 1.

Поурочное планирование по английскому языку

Then they listen to the teacher and check their answers. You can also ask one английскома them to translate the sentence with the structure into their mother tongue. Затем дети тренируют изученное правило в упр. Use the questions in activity 4a to help you. Open your books at p 20 ex.